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Specialized in Brand Development, Graphic Design

and Visual Content Creation

Award-winning Art Director with 10+ years of experience, Masters in Visual communications, at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

providing creative solutions for world leading advertising agencies and companies across 4 countries.


Communication Strategy / UX and UI / Art Direction / Visual Design / Branding / Digital Advertising / Concept Development / Social Media / Creative leadership / Experiential Marketing.


• Development of integrated campaigns from creative concepts to full implementation.
• Development of content/video, branding, visual identity, websites/apps, social media advertising, activations, gamification and installations.
• UX/UI.
• Collaborative approach with clients regarding communication strategies, functionality of campaigns and identification of new opportunities.
• Experience in FMCG, Telco, Automotive, Real State, Financial Services, Pharma, Tourism, Retail, Luxury products & services, Technology, Leisure and NGOs.
• Deep knowledge of Western and Middle Eastern/Islamic cultures

with a complete mastery of Adobe suite.

Beyond a mastery of 3 languages, padi open water licence, and music career, my international experience allows me to adapt quickly and easily to varied environments, it honored me with high cultural sensitivity. I am convinced that it is a force within a working environment as rich and moving as that of the whole creation process.
Living today in Paris, I want to put all my passion and energy at your service.


Sandro Saade


May is very professional in her work. she is never late, and follow up on you and give you suggestions on how to make your brand or design better and better. She is a very creative girl and very efficient in her designs for the perfect value of money. you don't need to worry about bug corporations with her and paying this extra money for their big offices and a lot of employees, she will give you the exact same result with a much better and fair pricing. I definitely recommend her.

Catherine Albro


I was lucky to work with May on Hint, it was such an inspiring experience, so smooth, and fun.

she was on head of the direction, to the branding, all visuals on social media, she has never left any small detail either on the photoshoot nor on the production.

she is like an advertising machine of her own, full of energy and passion. 

Thank you May.

Ali Assi

Creative Director

May is so curious.. too into details, and unstoppable.

she had a project, where she learned scuba diving in few days, because she wanted to learn about what is going on under water.

there's always a sense of history behind the creative process, providing a unique atmosphere, and always a higher goal, she has great cultural sensitivity, and understanding your audience can truly be the whole story behind.

I really enjoy working with her everytime. 


Creative Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Digital Designs & Web (UX,UI)

Selected Clients

- Tropicana

- Johnson Controls

- York

- ExxonMobile

- Al Jazira Bank

- P&G

- Noor Oil

- Lipton

- Pepsi

- Lay's

- Unilever

- Saudi Airlines

- VW

- Movenpick

- The Body shop

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